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WhereCampPDX 2012 Sessions

Session Schedule

Actual sessions are listed below. Note: because SOTM is happening simultaneously you will have the flexibility of moving your talk to fit the SOTM schedule. Don't forget, we have a hack session over at the Convention Center on Sunday so you can be in two places at once!

  • 11am
    • Council Chamber: Geoloqi – real-time location based notifications. Future + History + Data. What can we do with it? Public safety, transit, etc. By Amber Case, @caseorganic.
  • 12pm
    • Council Chamber: Migrate to mobile from the desktop. By Andy Gup.
    • Room 370: Maps that are alive with vectors, WebGL and other interactions. natevw
    • Room 375: Make own share your location history. How to scrapbook for self in private? How if / to share for research / discovery / social? What are motivations, fears, benefits?
    • Room WTF: Awesome house pdx. Listen to Echo Nolan ramble about an extremely interesting extremely ambitious project. Try and talk him out of it. Echo promises to toe the line between crazy crazy, crazy smart and double smart. Donations here please 1CAANnSh7kCbZWZf7myFboPytmp84YtYx2 Echo will not be able to give that talk if he can't get in to the god damn building. 503 308 8515. Talk moving venue to Echo's rpg group. Possible like
  • 1pm: Lunch and keynote
  • 2:15pm
  • 3:15pm
    • Council Chamber: The Amazing Geography of Fiction, Part 2: A guided tour of extraordinary fictional geographies lovingly showcased with videos, images and analysis. By Igal Koshevoy, @igalko.
    • Room 370: NOJO - Six quick start samples to simplicity for your ArcGIS JavaScript life. By Allan Laframboise.
  • 4:45pm

Session Ideas

Have a session you want to lead, or a topic you're interested in hearing about?

Add your ideas below:

  • The Amazing Geography of Fiction, Part 2: A guided tour of fascinating make-believe places, terrains, maps and more as showcased in beautiful illustrations and video clips. Bring your favorites to share with the group during the discussion portion of the session. Presented by Igal Koshevoy, who in previous years presented the Amazing Geography of Fiction, Best of Strange Maps and Maps of Power.
  • Using Photography to Capture a Sense of Place: Often when we talk about 'where' things are in a landscape we think about two dimensional maps, xy, etc. We forget that places and people are greatly influenced by their geography. Publications like The National Geographic have traditionally helped us understand the world in terms of it's beauty and diversity. NatGeo Photographers bring us closer to places and people with amazing photos. In this session I would like to facilitate a discussion about how we can do something similar on a personal level. Smartphone cameras and social networks give us the means to document our personal places and geography like never before. I would like to showcase a few examples but it would be terrific if people came to the session with some of their own. Contact me to brainstorm this session! Justin Houk
  • Mapping space and time on the Web: Over the past year++ there have been several really amazing examples of mapping temporal data on the web. New products are being developed, and have been released, by some of the leaders in open source (Torque) that attempt to address some of the difficulties of effectively mapping w/time. I'd like to explore this concept in a collaborative way, from the very simple to the very complex, identify the limitations of our tools, and brainstorm various ways to store and represent spatio-temporal data. Chris Helm
  • Building a Better Beer Map App: Let's face it we live in beer nirvana here in the PNW, but finding a tasty fresh hop IPA is sometimes difficult. I would like to use WhereCampPDX to explore what are the minimum features required to build the beer mapping app to rule all others. Heck we might even throw down and build the initial app. So, if you love to build apps, make beautiful maps, and drink beer then this is the session for you.Blair Deaver
  • The Drones are Coming: Fear the drones: Marvel or panic at the current state of drone surveillance technology with Audrey.
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