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WhereCamp 2010 Invitation and Announcement

Join us for WhereCampPDX 2010, a free, volunteer-created unconference for anyone interested in geography and technology. This year's event will be happening September 24th-26th, with a full day of unconference sessions at Metro Regional Center on the 25th.

An unconference is a conference planned by the participants. We convene together, plan sessions, and break-out into the proposed session discussions and activities. This gives everyone an opportunity to bring to the table the things that interest them the most, and talk about emerging topics that are still new and exploratory. We value open participation, providing access to new voices, and lowering barriers to participation. As a result, the event is driven by the interests and talents of the participants.

What sorts of topics do we discuss at WhereCamp?

GIS tools (open source and otherwise). Neocartography, citizen mapping, and APIs. Location-tracking, and what it's good for. Cool maps. Emergency response and preparedness (how else will we survive a zombie uprising?). Open data, open government, and tools for public participation. Pac-Manhattan and other big games.

Please RSVP at and add your session ideas at

What's on the schedule?

  • Friday, September 24th: Evening kickoff party, held at Open Sourcery
  • Saturday, September 25th: Unconference from 10AM-6PM at Metro, followed by dinner and hacking at PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) sponsored by CivicApps
  • Sunday, September 26th: Games and other fun activities, around downtown/Old Town, details TBA.

Can I sponsor?

Yes! Sponsors help us make this a free event for all attendees. Please see out sponsorship page ( for details.

How else can I help?

WhereCampPDX is entirely volunteer run. You can get involved by joining our mailing list ( and introducing yourself, or showing up at one of our weekly meetings (Thursdays, 6:30pm and onward, Produce Row Cafe).

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