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 +====== Map Standards-Who Needs Them Anyway? ======
 +Was: Cartographic Standards. This session used the International Standards for Orienteering Mapping as a jumping off point for discussing mapping standards and how or why they are useful. In looking at a variety of printed maps, we discussed the interesting adherence to the standards as well as the subtleties in the styles. It's obvious that both professionals and armchair cartographers are capable of creating works of art. 
 +However, it was also noted that for all of the subtleties within each map, there are obvious styles that lead to influence and interpretation.
 +This stemmed off into discussion regarding AutoCAD standards and some GIS mapping standards. Tim Welch shared [[http://​|Cloudmade'​s]] Mapnik engine that has driven the development of many styles within the [[http://​|Openstreet Map]] community. My own breakthrough "a-ha moment",​ however, was in realizing that these are really just memes and not standards. They may make "​sense"​ but the efficacy of a standard is really localized (for agencies, departments,​ or even audiences). What drives it is still a mystery. Someone joked that the greatest thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. The question is why we choose one over another. Perhaps next year's session should be Memes in Cartography. Other thoughts?
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