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WhereCampPDX is a free, annual unconference for geo-technology professionals and enthusiasts. The 2009 event will take place October 2nd-4th, with the main unconference session portion happening October 3rd at Metro Regional Center (600 NE Grand, Portland, OR). Unconference sessions are determined the day of the event, by the participants, allowing the most relevant and emergent topics to surface. In addition, GIS developer and open geodata evangelist James Fee will be presenting a keynote talk on data sharing and standards.

The event will kick off the evening of Friday October 2nd, with an opening party at Gallery Homeland. Saturday evening our unconference sessions will be followed by an evening hackfest at Portland Incubator Experiment (1227 NW Davis in the Pearl District). On Sunday, we conclude with a day of urban and locative games, scavenger hunts, and mapping excursions out around Portland's landscape.

To let us know you'll be attending, please add your name to the attendee page on our wiki. Use the sessions page to brainstorm ideas and share what you're interested in.

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