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Making Maps

What are some of the tools that map makers use to make maps? It’s a question that not only concerns developers but also concerns managers and project leads.  Many projects, ranging from that small website for a restaurant, or for say a small eco-roofing company, to say a corporate intranet mapping the location of company […]

Local motives

Local Motives It’s not the geography of the place -it’s the interactions that happen in that place. — Gail Ann WiIliams @ the Well [ quoted from her talk at the isite @ love at first website event here in Portland October 14th 2008 ] What do you call a group of folks interested in […]

Stopping the Social Cartography Menace

A disturbing new trend is showing up among the consumer base.  It has the potential to be worse than mix-tapes, worse than the VHS, indeed worse than online piracy.  Consumers are taking it upon themselves to make their own maps of their own neighborhoods and their own issues. The HQ for this behavior appears to […]