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Making Maps

What are some of the tools that map makers use to make maps? It’s a question that not only concerns developers but also concerns managers and project leads.  Many projects, ranging from that small website for a restaurant, or for say a small eco-roofing company, to say a corporate intranet mapping the location of company […]

Local motives

Local Motives It’s not the geography of the place -it’s the interactions that happen in that place. — Gail Ann WiIliams @ the Well [ quoted from her talk at the isite @ love at first website event here in Portland October 14th 2008 ] What do you call a group of folks interested in […]

WhereCamp PDX: bringing the electronic world into the physical

I think that WherecampPDX may be the most important unconference in Portland this year. Why do I think that? It’s not just because I’m helping organize it… I’m helping because I think it’s that important.  I think that location-based services, in general, have more potential to bring about fundamental change in our society than any other […]