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Join us for WhereCampPDX 2010

WhereCampPDX 2010 planning is in full swing and organizers are meeting weekly. The geo-unconference is slated for September 25th at Metro Regional Center. Several other WhereCamp events including parties, app demos, hacking sessions, and geolocative gaming are also in the works. WhereCampPDX is designed and built by the local PDX community and all are welcome […]

Cache from the conference

This morning the WhereCampers started a box at: (Feed). Session notes and photos are being posted there. You can pull a feed for up-to-the minute details on schedule, pictures, and the various documents that WhereCampers have put there. The unconference has moved to Old Town Pizza for food and hacking. We will be […]


It’s not just about the techno-geekiness! We are excited to be supporting SAO and the Portland Working Artists Network in bringing about Equilibrium, the Human Mashup, using the synergy of art and technology to revolutionize society. Equilibrium kicks off WhereCampPDX on Friday Otober 17th from 4 – 7 PM, at the Olympic Mills Building, 107 […]

The nitty-gritty

Time is running out! WhereCampPDX is only sixteen days away, so we’re coming into the homestretch now. I can’t tell you how excited we are about this. The ideas, the technologies, and the confluence of people that are coming together for this event runs the gamut from health care to gaming, and we are anticipating […]

It’s the economy, stupid!

A friend of mine asked the WhereCamp team, probably facetiously, “Are the first three rules of location, Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate?” And my answer to him, in all seriousness, is, “Yes.” It’s no secret right now that the US economy is in pretty serious trouble. The reasons behind this are many and complex, but the situation as […]