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Inspiration and PacMan

At the Westergasfacriek (or “gas works park”) as a part of PICNIC2009, there was a demonstration of 3D objects in the Layar Reality Browser. In one demo, a Boeing 747 flew over the grounds. In another (pictured), PacMan ran by, chased by ghosts.A video demonstration is available on the Layar3D site. Last year at WhereCampPDX, […]

Different Areas, Same Hunt

D*A*S*H* – a multi-city, near-simultaneous, seven-hour, foot-accessible puzzle hunt

ARG Fest-o-Con Coming to Portland

ARG Fest-o-Con, the premiere English-language convention for players and designers of Alternate Reality Games, will be held in Portland on July 17-19.

Cache from the conference

This morning the WhereCampers started a box at: (Feed). Session notes and photos are being posted there. You can pull a feed for up-to-the minute details on schedule, pictures, and the various documents that WhereCampers have put there. The unconference has moved to Old Town Pizza for food and hacking. We will be […]

Anyone feel like taking a short run Sunday morning?

While we will talk about location and orientation at WhereCampPDX on Saturday, we have a couple of games that will actively explore people moving through locations on Sunday. On Sunday morning we will play Pac-Manhattan in the North Park Blocks. This is a chase game that is played by teams of runners and operators. The […]