Join us for WhereCampPDX 2010

WhereCampPDX 2010 planning is in full swing and organizers are meeting weekly. The geo-unconference is slated for September 25th at Metro Regional Center. Several other WhereCamp events including parties, app demos, hacking sessions, and geolocative gaming are also in the works. WhereCampPDX is designed and built by the local PDX community and all are welcome at the event. Can’t wait? sign up here.

So… What’s WhereCampPDX?

WhereCampPDX is a free unconference focusing on all things geographical. The best way to describe it is as a geo-happening where all types of geo-locative enthusiasts come together and have informal discussions on what interests them. An unconference is a conference planned by the participants and created on the spot. It’s about having a low threshold for participation, bringing ideas into the open, and hearing all voices. It is like the 20% of a traditional conference where the best parts happen. You meet people, make relationships, and get down to what’s important to you. It all just happens.

What happened at the last one?

Last year we had people come from as far away as Africa and a good number of attendees from all over North America. Session topics included OpenStreetMap, Portland’s open data initiative, post digital mapping, using geolocation to survive the zombie apocalypse, and harnessing crowd sourced traffic data. Geoblogger James Fee gave a keynote on “Data Interoperability on the GeoWeb.” Sunday saw a rousing game of Pac-Manhattan in the streets of downtown Portland.

“Location games were a great followup to the hacking and sessions of the day before. WhereCampPDX was one of the best unconferences I’ve ever attended. It was well organized without being too controlled with a great a mix of people. Thanks everyone who organized as well as attended, it was an enjoyable time.” – Kate Chapman

The Main Ingredient is You

Sign up here and come to WhereCampPDX 2010! You made this a great event last year, and we want to see everyone again. If you are new to WhereCampPDX or have never attended an unconference, it’s time to make the jump.

There are so many ways to get involved and be part of creating WhereCampPDX. Help us get the word out on your blog or using Twitter. Tell your friends at the local hackathon. Come meet the organizers for happy hour and brainstorming every Thursday night at Produce Row. All are welcome!

Do you work for a company that could potentially be a sponsor? Tell them about the event. Check out the list of past sponsors on the blog and find out how your organization can get involved.

Remember, we need your help to make this another great event.

Writing credit goes to Justin Houk.