Presentations on creating and customizing online maps by Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander, author of the upcoming Map Scripting 101 book, will be giving a number of talks of interest to those wanting to start creating and customizing online maps:

  • April 22: A free talk at Refresh PDX about tools designers can use to customize their maps on the web. He’ll cover marker icons, image overlays, styling map tiles and providing better interactions. Details:
  • May 19: Half-day workshop at the WebVisions conference in Portland that will walk attendees through the process of creating a mapping site. It will start with the basics and quickly work up to interacting with APIs and plotting data. WebVisions is offering a special price ($310) for the workshop, plus access to the full conference. Details:
  • Early June: Presentation at the Open Source Bridge conference in Portland will give an overview of the open source geo stack. It will cover the ways to display maps, create maps, exchange data and store data, all with open source software. Details: