Inspiration and PacMan


At the Westergasfacriek (or “gas works park”) as a part of PICNIC2009, there was a demonstration of 3D objects in the Layar Reality Browser. In one demo, a Boeing 747 flew over the grounds. In another (pictured), PacMan ran by, chased by ghosts.A video demonstration is available on the Layar3D site.

Last year at WhereCampPDX, we had lots of fun running our own version of live-action PanMan and we’ll be playing again this year. Refinements to the tracking code might mean that Android phones play in the field without need of a control room. Then again, we’ll probably run at least one game like last year, with an open phone call to manually update the game screen.

And, as it turns out, the PacMan@Lyon kids will be running the final game of their summer season on Saturday. (The only thing that could be improved about that helmet is onboard video.)